Delight in our range of grooming services, expertly delivered by our highly trained beauty professionals. Here at Beautifully Gorgeous, we ensure you leave feeling pampered and looking your best.

1. Full Leg Wax 

Achieve silky smooth legs with our full leg wax service, offering thorough hair removal from thigh to ankle.

2. Half Leg Wax

Targeting either the upper or lower leg, our half leg wax service leaves your skin feeling soft and hair-free.

3. Arm Wax

Banish unwanted arm hair with our comprehensive waxing service, tailored to suit your specific needs.

4. Underarm Wax

Stay fresh and smooth with our underarm wax service, perfect for maintaining a clean and groomed look. 

5. Lip or Chin Wax

Remove unwanted facial hair with precision. Choose from lip or chin for a neat and polished appearance.

6. Lip and Chin Wax

Our lip and chin service provides complete facial hair removal for a smooth, flawless finish.

7. Eyebrow Shape

Enhance your look with perfectly groomed eyebrows, shaped to compliment your facial features.

8. Half Leg and Bikini Wax

Combine our half leg and bikini wax services for ultimate beach-ready grooming.

9. Full Leg and Bikini Wax

Opt for total leg and bikini area hair removal with this all-in-one waxing service.

10. Full Leg and Brazilian Wax

Choose a more thorough bikini wax with this full leg and Brazilian combo, providing a clean, hair-free look.

11. Full Leg and Hollywood Wax

For total hair removal, choose our full leg and Hollywood combo, offering a smooth, polished look.

12. Bikini Wax

Keep your bikini area neat and tidy with our professional waxing service.

13. Brazilian Wax

Opt for our Brazilian wax service for a clean, closely-shaved look in the bikini area.

14. Hollywood Wax

Choose our Hollywood wax service for total hair removal in the bikini area, providing a smooth, flawless finish.

15. Men’s Chest Wax

Designed specifically for men, our chest wax service provides a clean, hair-free look.

16. Men’s Back Wax

Our men’s back wax service removes all unwanted hair, providing a smooth, clean finish.

Waxing Prices

ServiceDescriptionPriceBook Online
WaxingFull Leg£29.50
WaxingHalf Leg£22.5
WaxingArmfrom £23
WaxingLip or Chin£9
WaxingLip and Chin£15
WaxingEyebrow Shape£10
WaxingHalf Leg and Bikini£28.50
WaxingFull Leg and Bikini£42
WaxingFull Leg and Brazilian£61
WaxingFull Leg and Hollywood£63
WaxingBikinifrom £12.95
WaxingMen's Chest£26.50
WaxingMen's Back£26.50

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