Meet The Team

Natalie - Founder

Meet Natalie, the esteemed salon founder of Beautifully Gorgeous Salon, where she brings a wealth of 30 years of hairdressing experience to her role. Celebrating 18 years at the helm, Natalie not only leads the salon but also inspires as the Creative Director, infusing every aspect of the salon's work with her passion and expertise.

Natalie's hairdressing journey is marked by specialization in precision cutting, high fashion disconnected styles, timeless bobs, and innovative creative cutting techniques. Her ability to transform and correct colour, alongside mastering colour changes, balayage, and creative colouring, sets her apart as a true artist in her field. Notably, she is recognized as a REDKEN 'Certified Colour Specialist', a testament to her skill and dedication to excellence in colour.

Her talent and creativity have not gone unnoticed, with Natalie earning accolades in both local and national competitions, showcasing her leadership and skill in the hairdressing industry. Additionally, Natalie's expertise has been sought after internationally, including work in the Middle East, further broadening her experience and influence in hairdressing.

Natalie's commitment to beauty, innovation, and precision continues to drive Beautifully Gorgeous Salon forward, making it a beacon of excellence and creativity in the hairdressing community.


Lucy - Head Therapist

Hello, I'm Lucy, the Head Therapist at Beautifully Gorgeous. With a deep passion for skin care, massage, and ensuring your utmost well-being, I am dedicated to providing exceptional care and customer service. As a Dermalogica Expert Therapist, I continuously update my knowledge and skills at the Dermalogica Academy to maintain my expert status.

I am honored to be a member of the Dermalogica Platinum Circle, a recognition awarded to the top 10% of salons for their outstanding expertise and performance. My specialization extends to addressing intensive skincare concerns, offering treatments such as Micro-needling, Nano-needling, comprehensive skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, and facial peels.

In addition to these specialized treatments, I provide IPL for permanent hair reduction, and solutions for age spots, sun spots, and thread vein removal. My holistic approach to beauty and wellness includes a variety of massages, including Swedish, Hot Stone therapy, eastern scalp massage, leg and foot massage, and the intensive bamboo massage for those seeking deeper relief.

With extensive experience in waxing, eyebrow shaping, tinting, and a broad spectrum of beauty treatments from head to toe, I ensure no detail is overlooked in your care. I invite you to book a beauty consultation with me to embark on a journey toward revealing your best skin and discovering ultimate relaxation. Let's explore how we can enhance your natural beauty together.


Kirsten - Creative Director Stylist

Hello! I'm Kirsten, the Creative Director Stylist at Beautifully Gorgeous Salon, bringing over two decades of passion and expertise to the chair. From the get-go, I was determined to master every aspect of hairdressing to become the stylist I aspired to be.

Specializing in both short and long haircuts, I have a particular knack for curly hair, crafting shapes that enhance its natural flow. My creative flair for executing the most intricate and precise cuts is something I take pride in. Known for my willingness to explore the avant-garde, I'm often described as the architect of haircutting, always eager to elevate your style to new heights.

colour is another domain where I shine. My love for vivid and imaginative colour work knows no bounds, and creating custom colour blends for my clients is what excites me the most. Whether it's balayage, highlights, or the most vibrant hues, I strive for perfection and innovation. My continuous education with REDKEN in London keeps me at the forefront of colour techniques.

The Brazilian blow-dry is my canvas for transforming hair, aiming for sleek perfection with each service. Recognized as the go-to expert for smoothing treatments in the salon, I find joy in delivering transformative results. Bridal and party hairstyles are another area where I excel, loving the creativity that comes with plaits and diverse plaiting designs. Beyond styling, I contribute to the future of hairdressing as a City & Guilds assessor, nurturing the next generation of talent.

When you book an appointment with me, expect a warm welcome and a straightforward, honest approach that has earned me respect and admiration. I'm not just about hair; as a qualified beauty therapist, I'm also ready to support our beauty team with waxing, eyebrow tints, and shaping whenever needed.

I look forward to sharing my passion and expertise with you, whether you're seeking a daring new haircut, a bespoke colour transformation, or simply the best version of your hair.


Freya - Creative Director Stylist

Hello, I'm Freya, and I'm thrilled to be one of the Creative Director Stylists here at Beautifully Gorgeous Salon, having joined the team back in 2018. The moment we meet, I hope you'll feel completely at ease. My love and passion for hair styling are boundless, and I'm dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, making you feel like the center of the universe.

I've quickly become a favorite among our salon guests, particularly for my creative flair in colouring. From stunning balayage to achieving the perfect super blonde shades, my enthusiasm for all things colour knows no bounds.

My expertise isn't just limited to colour; I have a particular fondness for cutting and restyling. Whether it's chic shorter styles or intricate technical cuts across all hair lengths, I'm all about crafting the perfect look that reflects your unique style.

One of my signature offerings is the "Chelsea bouncy blow-dry," a client favorite for its glamorous finish. My colouring skills are advanced, ensuring your hair not only looks vibrant but feels healthy too. Whether it's expert blonde transformations, vivid colours, or anything in between, I'm passionate about every aspect of hair colouring.

Additionally, I'm a key member of our specialist team for hair extensions at Beautifully Gorgeous Salon. My expertise in hair extension application, design, and colour blending is widely recognized. Specializing in both links and tapes methods, I'm committed to providing bespoke extension services that seamlessly blend with your natural hair.

At Beautifully Gorgeous, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality hair, in partnership with Racoon International. Renowned for being leaders in the industry and endorsed by Andrew Barton, Racoon International not only provides ethically sourced hair but is also the only company to hold the prestigious BS Kite standard.

I'm here to help you achieve your dream hair, whether it's through colour, cut, or extensions. Book your appointment with me, Freya, and let's embark on this exciting styling journey together.


Charlie - Hair Salon Manager - Director Stylist

Hi there! I'm Charlie, a director stylist and the salon hair manager here at Beautifully Gorgeous Salon. My journey to this team came after a stint with a large salon chain, a move I've never regretted making. At the heart of my work is a deep-rooted passion for outstanding customer service; I truly believe in the importance of caring for each and every one of our guests.

My love for the art of hairdressing spans both colouring and cutting, and I pride myself on being exceptionally skilled in all aspects of hair. Known as a blonde authority and colour expert, I specialize in Balayage, ombre, creative, and lived-in colour work—areas where I promise you'll love the results.

Cutting hair, whether short or long, is another area where I excel. My commitment to excellence led me to complete the "stylist perfection course," focusing on the finessing, finishing of colours, cuts, and styling. This training not only inspires me but also ensures my work remains innovative and fresh.

Beyond my technical skills, I'm known for my warm, friendly, and bubbly personality, reflecting the beauty I believe comes from within. I'm looking forward to welcoming you to our salon and providing a hairdressing experience that's not just about looking good on the outside, but also feeling great on the inside.


Faith - Senior Stylist

Meet Faith, a senior stylist who is swiftly becoming a standout talent at Beautifully Gorgeous Salon. Known for her incredibly friendly and professional demeanor with guests, Faith not only excels in making clients feel welcomed but also shines in her technical abilities.

Faith's journey in hairdressing is marked by excellence, having qualified with Distinction in her advanced hairdressing qualification. She's quickly made a significant impact in the salon, showcasing exceptional cutting and colouring skills. Highlights, Balayage colours, cut and blow-drys, and bouncy blow-drys are just a few areas where Faith truly excels, bringing each client's vision to life with precision and flair.

Her passion for hairdressing is unmistakable and deeply rooted in her commitment to continual learning and growth. Regular visits to the REDKEN Academy in London keep her skills sharp and trends forward, fueling her love for all aspects of hair styling and care.

Faith's dedication and talent have not gone unnoticed, with her schedule filling up fast and glowing reviews from delighted clients pouring in. Her aspiration to become the top stylist at Beautifully Gorgeous Salon is well within reach, thanks to her passion, commitment, and kindness evident from the moment you meet her.

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship and warm welcome from Faith on your next visit to Beautifully Gorgeous Salon. Her passion for hair and dedication to client satisfaction make every appointment a delightful experience.


Tamzin - Stylist

Welcome Tamzin, who joined Beautifully Gorgeous Salon team in 2023! As a young, qualified stylist, Tamzin is fervently advancing her craft, currently working towards her Advanced Level 3 hairdressing qualification. Her enthusiasm for hairdressing and dedication to ongoing learning makes her a dynamic force within our salon.

Known for her friendliness and helpfulness, Tamzin is all about ensuring your comfort and satisfaction with her genuinely lovely manner. From the moment you meet her, you'll find yourself at ease, quickly appreciating why she's become such a cherished member of our team.

Whether you're in the mood for a bouncy blow-dry or dreamy curls, Tamzin is the stylist to see. She relishes every aspect of hairdressing, from colouring, highlighting, and balayage to blow-dry styling, cutting, and redesigning hair. Her versatile skills mean she's well-equipped to bring your hair visions to life.

Tamzin's talent and commitment to excellence are already drawing a loyal clientele and earning her rave reviews. This rising star is quickly becoming a sought-after stylist, so securing your spot with her is highly recommended before her schedule fills up.

To welcome you to experience Tamzin's expertise, we're offering a special introduction: book your first cut and finish with her and enjoy a complimentary blow-dry 2 weeks after your initial visit. It's the perfect opportunity to discover the talent that makes Tamzin an invaluable part of the Beautifully Gorgeous Salon team.


Claire - Director Stylist

Hello! I'm Claire, a Director stylist and Beauty Therapist on the fabulous team at our salon. Having trained in London, where I continue to work once a month, I bring a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to everything I do. Meeting new clients is always a highlight for me; ensuring you feel confident and well-cared for is my top priority. My passion lies in helping you uncover the best version of yourself, whether through hair styling or beauty treatments.

I have a special love for cutting hair, mastering precision cuts for both long and short styles. colouring hair, particularly highlights and toning, is another area where I excel, enjoying the transformation and vibrancy it brings.

Beyond hair, my role as a therapist allows me to indulge in another passion of mine - massage. I'm dedicated to finding the perfect pressure to provide relief and relaxation for you. Facials are another favorite of mine, caring for guests' skin concerns with attention and expertise.

I specialize in a range of skin treatments, including IPL Permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, and skin tightening for the face, neck, and décolletage area, as well as sunspot, age spot, thread vein, and rosacea removal. These specialized treatments are designed to cater to your unique needs, ensuring you feel and look your best.

Be sure to check out our monthly treatment packages, and don't hesitate to book your next appointment with me, Claire. I'm here to guide you through your beauty and styling journey with expert care and personalized attention.


Beth - Stylist

Meet Beth, our delightful new addition to the team for 2024 at Beautifully Gorgeous Salon! Beth is not only lovely and friendly, but she also brings a passion for all aspects of hairdressing to our team, including colouring, cutting, and styling.

Beth shines when it comes to short hair, with a particular love for crafting the perfect bob. Whether it's sharp, sleek bob styles or exploring the many variations of bobs, she's your go-to stylist. But her talents don't stop there; Beth also has a knack for colouring, from beautiful highlights to expert toning, ensuring your hair colour is flawless.

From the moment you meet Beth, you'll be enveloped in her genuine warmth, feeling completely at ease and in safe hands. She's attentive, caring, and kind—qualities that make every salon visit with her a pleasant and comforting experience.

To celebrate Beth joining our team, we're offering a special welcome treat: book your first cut and finish with Beth and enjoy a complimentary blow-dry 2 weeks after your initial appointment. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing Beth and the Beautifully Gorgeous Salon. We can't wait for you to experience her exceptional skills and warm personality.


Shauna - Trainee

Hello! My name is Shauna, and I'm currently embracing the exciting journey of learning hairdressing. I'm immersing myself in training across all areas and am thrilled to announce that I'll be taking on clients as models throughout 2024.

What do I love about hairdressing? Simply everything. There hasn't been a single aspect of this world that I haven't enjoyed. From the creativity it allows to the joy of transformation, every bit of it captivates me.

Keep an eye on this space because I'm on my way to becoming something truly special in the hairdressing scene.

If you're interested in being part of my journey and would like to book any of the following services as a model, I'd love to hear from you:

  • Model blow-dry
  • Model tint regrowth
  • Model 10 foils highlights
  • Model Full head colour

Please reach out to the salon at 01202 734161 to express your interest. I'm compiling a waiting list and will get in touch to schedule your appointment.

This is a fantastic opportunity for both of us—you get to enjoy high-quality hairdressing services at a model rate, and I gain invaluable experience. I can't wait to start working with you!